Unlock Your Samsung Phone Without Unlock Code For Free – A Step by Step Guide

Samsung with unlocked padlock

For us, this hack became apparent after the S6 release. Samsung started free unlocking for all their devices, at least in Canada. Yes, you heard right! Samsung themselves will unlock your device free of charge. Now we’re sharing it with the GizmoGrind community so you can save your cash the next time you go to unlock your phone.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. This is not a root. It’s a 100% legitimate way to unlock your device. Before we brought this to you all, we made sure to test it out thoroughly to make sure it’s totally safe. We found it works 9 out of 10 times and the times it doesn’t, try again the next day, it may work.

It is so simple that I’m shocked a booming Samsung unlocking industry still exists. So before you hit that “Buy Now” button on eBay for an unlock code or fork over more some cash to your provider, read on and see if this works for you.


What Provider will this work for?

Most Canadian Carriers, we tested Rogers, Bell, and TELUS and for these big guys it works. Perfect, next.

Compatible Samsung Models

We tested the following models successfully:

  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S7 Edge Plus

Step 1 – Get your IMEI #

Rule of thumb, do not use the IMEI on the back of the device, instead, go to your phone’s dial pad and type the following – *#06#

You’ll need to know this number for step 3 below so keep the screen on or bring it back up once you start the chat.

Step 2 – Start a Live Chat with Samsung

Head over to Samsung’s Contact Page and click the first option “Live Chat.”

Samsung Live Chat to get samsung phone unlocked in Canada for free

Step 3 – What to Say in the Chat (Important)

You’ll need to tell the rep that you purchased the device from the Samsung website. Don’t worry if you didn’t it should work anyway and as of the date of this post they’re giving unlock codes out like candies at a fare. Just follow this script:

You: I purchased my device on Samsung’s website, and I want an unlock code

Samsung Rep: Ok please give me the following details. IMEI, Carrier it’s locked to (e.g. Rogers, Bell, etc.), Model of your device and email address.


Email: (your email address)

Model: S6 (or whatever your model is)

Carrier: Rogers (your current cell phone provider)

Samsung Rep: One moment, please

Samsung Rep: Here is your unlock code: XXX-XXXX


Bingo! 5 minutes max and you’re free of your provider. Best of all you didn’t pay a cent. Hold on there’s one more step below. If you haven’t experienced it yet, the first time you get a free unlock code setting you free of your provider’s grip feels like angles singing.

Step 4 – Unlock it

Now that you have your code, you need to bring up the lock screen. It’s a little popup window that allows you to input the code and we’re off to the races from there.

There are two methods to bring up the lock status screen. However, we recommend one method simply because, well it’s simple.

For this method, you’ll need a SIM card from another provider.

*Important before starting. Be very careful to make sure you put in the code correctly before submitting. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again making sure you double check the code that you typed in is right. If it doesn’t work a second time, I DO NOT recommend having a third go. It will brick your phone after ten tries. You can unbrick it, but it’s another hassle altogether.

Ok SIM in hand, power off your phone and install it.

Power your phone on, let it boot up, and there’s yours unlock window:

Put your code in, submit and your golden.


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  • Worked like a charm, thanks for the info.

    Joe 1 year ago Reply

    • hasn’t worked for me at all

      sophie watchman 11 months ago Reply

      • What problem are you running into? Or did you get this resolved?

        ahmed 11 months ago Reply

  • Also worked for me. I just asked “for an unlock code for my locked Samsung S6” , didn’t need to say that it was bought from the website.

    LSK 1 year ago Reply

  • Clutch! 🙌

    Ronni James 12 months ago Reply

  • Clutch!

    Ronni James 12 months ago Reply

  • This was great advice. Samsung Chat in Canada responded immediately though it was 7:30 on a Saturday and I didn’t even have to tell them I bought it through them. My girlfriend had been given a locked S6 Edge and Rogers gave us the unlock code for free, however the agent misread one of the digits to us causing the phone to lock and require a Master Unlock Code. Rogers stated we would have to send the phone to them for unlocking since it said that.

    The chat agent at Samsung was able to immediately provide us the Master Unlock Code and, along with the corrected code we received from Rogers, we were able to successfully unlock the phone, absolutely free. Canada has a law requiring all carriers to provide the unlock codes for free but no requirement apparently to provide the master code if you screw up. Thanks again for providing this info!

    Dean 12 months ago Reply

    • Amazing! Glad it worked for you.

      ahmed 11 months ago Reply

  • I’ve been looking for months and this was so simple and it worked. What a waste of time. I should’ve just found this long ago SMH. It does work trust me

    Sunny Patel 11 months ago Reply

    • Glad it worked!

      ahmed 11 months ago Reply

  • Wow, that took 2 mins.. thank you!

    Donk 11 months ago Reply

  • hi will this work for uk bought phones too because my mother just retired here in philippines and brought her friends phone here? i’m originally from UK and living in philippines but the phone is bought in uk and locked to vodafone uk

    Mike 11 months ago Reply

    • Hi! It should, however, if the Canadian Samsung site does not work, I recommend trying the UK Samsung site. Let us know how it works 🙂

      ahmed 10 months ago Reply

      • What site should I use to unlock my Verizon locked Galaxy J1 J100VPP for free? Help Please

        Wyatt Stadnichuk 2 months ago Reply

        • For US-based carriers finding the unlock code online on eBay is cheap and fast 🙂 Type in “Verizon Samsung unlock code.” make sure you use a well rated seller and read their instructions carefully before purchasing.

          ahmed 2 months ago Reply

  • just worked from Telus for Galaxy S7 edge . Didn`t had to lie. thanks

    FATIH TOPAL 10 months ago Reply

  • I have samsung s 7 . Someone asked me $15 to unlock. I found this website and followed steps. 1st time it does not worked and I recontacted to Customer Support and they gave me MCK number along with unlock code and it worked. Whoever built this site and shared information , it helped me and thank you very much .

    Nawa 10 months ago Reply

  • will be needing a unlock code for a Samsung s6

    randy e keegan 9 months ago Reply

    • Hey there, give the above instructions a shot. You should be able to get it for free except for T-Mobile 🙂

      ahmed 6 days ago Reply

  • I need a unlock code for a Samsung s6

    randy e keegan 9 months ago Reply

  • I switched providers on my Galaxy S6 phone, but with the new sim card was confronted with a ” input master unlock code ” in order to activate the new sim. I called the old provider and was given a number ( which turned out to be the Network Unlock Code , which differs from the Master unlock code ) which did not work .
    Tried this a few times, no luck. I called Samsung and was given a different number as the Master Unlock code, that did not work as well. The rep suggested something was wrong with the phone and I should take it into a repair shop.
    Then, I came across this gizmogrind post and decided to try Samsung live chat. The rep gave me a MUC which was different from the one given by the other rep ( do they generate MUC’s on the spot as needed?), I tried it, it did not work.
    He verified the Network unlock code given me from my previous provider . he sent these instructions…
    1. Insert the SIM card to be used, then the Windows comes out,” SIM network unlock PIN when different carrier SIM”

    2. Enter the key ******* in MCK code(Note: Only one time chance so do not make a mistake)

    3. Unsuccessful message comes out, “Network unlock request unsuccessful”

    4. Enter key ******* in NCK code right after step 3

    5. Successful message comes out, “Network unlock successful”.

    This didn’t work, then he told me to turn off the wifi, turn off phone, insert new sim, turn on phone, then input the MUC and when it says UNSUCCESSFUL immediately input the Network unlock code.
    It flashed that it was successful, then went ‘dead’ a few seconds, then started up with all the dormant messages etc that had accumulated.
    It worked!
    Neither the previous provider ( Virgin Mobile) nor the first Samsung rep knew to input MUC first followed by NUC.
    As for these businesses selling NUC and MUC, you don’t have to pay for these anymore under law in Canada, but for the NUC certain terms of your contract have to be fulfilled before it will be provided, as far as I know….
    Good luck to all with similar situations. Twas a desperate situation partially resolved by gizmogrind and an astute Samsung rep Kevin..

    Brent Boutin 7 months ago Reply

  • This worked for me. Samsung.ca chat was very responsive. I only mentioned that I wanted the unlock code for my S6. Thank you for this great article. I got it all done live on-line while I was still on hold waiting for my locked phones’ former service provider tech support to answer.

    Richard 6 months ago Reply

  • completely worked … had my code within minutes

    james 6 months ago Reply

  • worked for videotron sg7. Thanks.

    jeanmarc pokou 3 months ago Reply

  • This worked perfectly. Samsung Support did ask where I bought the phone. I told them I the truth, that I bought the phone from Virgin Mobile Canada and now I am switching to another carrier. They asked for the IMEI code and then they gave me the unlock code. Simple 🙂

    Richard 3 months ago Reply

    • Nice 🙂

      ahmed 2 months ago Reply

  • Just confirming, this is presently still working. Even though it states you are required to have your bill of sale for unlocks on the chat window, they will still provide you with the code providing you follow the above steps. Thanks for the information!!!!!!!

    Steve S 2 months ago Reply

  • I am wondering if the Samsung site would be able to unlock my Verizon Locked Galaxy J1 J100VPP to use it with BellMTS in Manitoba. Can anyone give me a suggestion or help me out. My Verizon Locked phone uses a SIM card and I want to use it with My BellMTS Wireless SIM Card in Manitoba

    Wyatt Stadnichuk 2 months ago Reply

    • Try the Samsung site first and then try the eBay paid method next 🙂

      ahmed 2 months ago Reply

  • Didn’t work for me for the U.S. site, followed the instructions, they told me to contact Tmobile

    Viktor B 4 weeks ago Reply

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have heard of TMobile working using this method. What device are you unlocking?

      ahmed 4 weeks ago Reply

      • I did follow the instruction above but unfortunately not working for me, the supporter told me to contact T-Mobile. No luck. I’m trying to unlock my T-Mobile Samsung S7 Edge.

        Thuan Vu 3 weeks ago Reply

        • Hey there, Seems like it stopped working for T-Mobile based on all the feedback we’re getting from T-Mobile users 🙁

          ahmed 6 days ago Reply

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