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7 Terrifying Signs of Smartphone Addiction

Cell phones are easily one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the world. Just how much they’ve changed humanity is a story still unravelling.

We depend on our phones for absolutely everything.

The only problem?

Our relationship with smartphones has changed with every new feature. It’s moved from convenience to reliance to dependency.

Technology has allowed affordable access to smartphones. In my 2018 visit to Kenya, everyone was glued to their smartphones. I bet more Kenyans than not would never dare leave home without their devices.

As a species are becoming addicted to our phones on a global scale.

When you can’t find your smartphone, you’re likely one to feel lost, overwhelmed, and scared. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying all the benefits of your new iPhone, problems can arise when you’re

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5 Ways Your Phone is Harmful at Night

Smartphones are great.

They keep us entertained with videos and apps, help us connect with our friends and family members, and even make it easier to track down repair stores when our tech goes haywire.

The only problem?

We’ve gotten so used to being glued to our smartphones that our reliance on these devices could be having a negative impact on our health. If you’re one of the millions of people today that has problems with insomnia or damaged sleep, then your smartphone could be the cause.

A big reason for the nighttime phone habit is anxiety. We escape into our devices to avoid the common nighttime flurry of negative thoughts that can keep us up. This is deceiving since one issue of anxious feelings at night now turns into two problems a

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