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6 Happiness Apps to Improve Mental Wellness in 2020

Now more than ever, human beings need some extra help staying positive.

At the time of writing this article, 2020 has already been hit by economic uncertainty, horrific natural disasters, and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all searching for ways to not only maintain our physical health at this time but stay mentally fit too.

On the one hand, smartphones have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to mental wellness.

Everywhere we look, we see reports about social media giving us “FOMO,” and smartphones harming our ability to fall asleep.

However, while smartphones do have their dangers, they’re also brimming with potential to turn us into happier and healthier people too. Research is beginning to reveal that investing in the right tools and happiness apps can give us the extra

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Coronavirus: How Global Epidemics Stunt Smartphone Growth

Worried about coronavirus?

Not only is it a dangerous infection for humans, but it could be destroying smartphone development too. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to plague the world, the effects on various industries are becoming increasingly clear.

In simple terms, you may not be able to update your phone this year.


It all comes down to the dangerous impact that coronavirus is having on the tech industry, and the fact that businesses can no longer operate properly, as they struggle to avoid infection.

Here’s your guide to what coronavirus and other global epidemics can do to the smartphone industry, and what it might mean to the future of your phone.

Coronavirus and Smartphone Manufacturing

Though coronavirus is a global event, the biggest impact that it has had on the world has been in

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5 Ways Your Phone is Harmful at Night

Smartphones are great.

They keep us entertained with videos and apps, help us connect with our friends and family members, and even make it easier to track down repair stores when our tech goes haywire.

The only problem?

We’ve gotten so used to being glued to our smartphones that our reliance on these devices could be having a negative impact on our health. If you’re one of the millions of people today that has problems with insomnia or damaged sleep, then your smartphone could be the cause.

A big reason for the nighttime phone habit is anxiety. We escape into our devices to avoid the common nighttime flurry of negative thoughts that can keep us up. This is deceiving since one issue of anxious feelings at night now turns into two problems a

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