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How to Manage Your Smartphone’s Security

Broken Old rusted lock on blue door with text overlay

Wouldn’t it be great if your smartphone came complete with all the security you need, right out of the box? Unfortunately, while some manufacturers try, there are simply too many threats out there. Also, a lot of what we consider “security” is nothing more than user habits. But don’t fret, because there are ways you can manage your smartphone’s security.

By now you’re probably asking “What does it matter? I’m not a celebrity or a politician. Nobody’s interested in my data.” It’s a fair point.

But get this.

Your photos and the hours you spent playing Angry Birds aren’t the only things that criminals, corporations, and governments are after. Check it out.

Common Privacy Issues

We’ve already talked about some of the common hacks criminals (and others) use to access your data. But did

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